Dear customers, unfortunately our physical stores at Parklane will be closing down this Mid december.
All items are on sale and must go! We are in the process of deciding for a physical location. Check back on our site for more updates.
T: 62532153 / 92275297 / PARKLANE #02-21, S188307 / MIN ORDER $100 / $10 SAME DAY DELIVERY fb
Whisky or Whiskey is a drink made by distilling grains and then aging the alcohol in oak casks. Like many grain alcohols, whiskey may be made using an assortment of different grains, including rye, barley, corn, and wheat. It is sometimes referred to as the "juice of the barley," an allusion to the grain used in creating that type of whiskey. Malt whiskey is made entirely from malted barley as the source grain, and a single-malt whiskey is one in which all the malt comes from one stilling, rather than blending many different batches together.


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